Thursday, April 5, 2012

Copic 2 for April

APRIL 10th 

Hopefully you can understand what we are going to do by looking at this display board.  This month we will complete one card and have many other images to work with while we practice shadows for folds and pleats in fabric. Sometimes these areas can be tricky  and just need practice.  The colors that I used on the card are oranges and pinks with your basic skin and hair colors.  As always bring all of your markers and card making supplies.  
I also wanted to address some questions that we have been getting at the store that concern new people who want to attend this advanced class.
1.  Do I have to purchase a whole bunch of markers every month:  no, if you have been taking the beginning class you should already have a good base of markers to start with.  I usually give a supply list for the next class so you have the supplies needed one month in advance.  I can usually look at your collection and tell you substitutions that can be used.  
2.  Do I need to attend a beginner class before I can attend the advanced class.: not always, but you need to know the basic concept of blending and terminology so that you are not lost in the class.

If you have question, please call the store and leave a message with your contact information and I will get in touch with you to clarify and answer questions.

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